Do you sell tickets separately from match trips?

Answer: No. Our packages vary from fixture to fixture in terms of price, duration, travel and accommodation details. Match tickets however, are never sold separately and are part of a full package.


Do I need travel insurance?

Answer: Yes. Although not compulsory, Celtic Horizon Tours strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance before traveling. Travel insurance covers you in the event of cancelation, loss and theft. See our Travel Services section for more detail.


Is it safe to book on line - are my details safe?

Answer: Yes. Our online booking facility is 100% secure, it is a modern five step program which is user friendly with your card's details only visible to our bank.


What is it like to travel on a ferry and coach for a long trip?

Answer: The vast majority of our packages to the premiership are by coach and ferry. We work very closely with our travel partners (available under useful links) to ensure the highest standards of comfort are maintained, but don't take our word for it read the testamonials ! Some trips are same day while others are overnight and include superior hotels.